Frequently asked questionsΒΆ

How do I get the version numbers of the platform?

Open the Experiment Simulation Viewer web app, start or join a simulation, and enter help mode by clicking on the question mark icon on the lower right hand corner.

How do I report a bug?

There is a link to a bug reporting form just for that purpose on the homepage of the platform. Please provide the version numbers, your browser and operating system versions and also a description of the steps you carried out before the erroneous behavior appeared. That way, we will be able to reproduce the bug on our side.

What to do if my browser is not supported?

This is just a warning and means that we have either not tested the software on your browser, or that there are known bugs with it. You may continue using the platform, but bear in mind that you may encounter some glitches or missing features.

Who should I contact for feature requests or scientific questions?

Use the general email address in the contact and support page of this manual and give your phone number, you will be called back by the most suitable person to answer your question.

Why do I get an authorization failure when asked for HBP credentials?

Your credentials may be wrong or the authentication server may be down. In this case, you may try again later or send us a short email (contact).